Privacy and information statement

The purpose of this privacy statement is to let users of the DigIntSol (Digital Integrity Solutions Limited) services and this website know when we collect personal information and what we do with it. We do not use, share or disclose personal information collected or received, except as set out in this statement.



This privacy statement applies to personal information collected by DigIntSol.

Why do we collect personal information?

DigIntSol collects personal information in order to carry out its functions, which includes Information Technology (IT) management and Information Security (InfoSec) services. For more information about what we do, please visit our Services page.

Collection, storage and use

You can use this website without disclosing any personal information, subject to the use of website cookies (see Statistical information and cookies).

Collection of personal information

DigIntSol may ask you to provide some personal information when you complete an online form, for example by submitting information to DigIntSol through the site contact web form, or a form to subscribe to site updates or news. The information you provide will be used for statistical and reporting purposes and added to your account details if you become a DigIntSol customer.

Holding of information

When you provide personal information, it will be held by DigIntSol. It may be stored or accessed on behalf of DigIntSol by authorised third parties (such as third-party contractors) to the extent that is necessary, for example for them to administrate or work on the site/systems. We will store and keep it secure in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and agents will be subject to DigIntSol information security and privacy requirements.

Our partners

We will share information (including associated personal information) if required to provide services as per your DigIntSol agreement. You will be asked for your consent when you submit information to DigIntSol.

DigIntSol will not otherwise disclose personal information provided or collected unless you otherwise provide consent as required or otherwise permitted by law.

Use of personal information

We will generally only use personal information provided to us for the purpose you provided it (for example, to action work DigIntSol has been contracted to do, to administer, evaluate and improve the site, and to improve our services. We may also use personal information provided to us for other reasons permitted under the Privacy Act (with your consent, for a directly related purpose, or where the law permits or requires it).

The purpose of this privacy statement is to let users of the DigIntSol services and this website know when we collect personal information and what we do with it. We do not use, share or disclose personal information collected or received, except as set out in this statement.

DigIntSol uses information it collects about incidents, as well as information from other sources, to carry out its functions, which include situational awareness and reporting on trends and data sets. DigIntSol aggregates the information it receives to undertake vulnerability and threat analysis, and to identify and report on trends.

Records and retention of personal information

DigIntSol will only retain personal information as long as it is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used.

Call recording

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers we record all telephone calls. This helps us to identify ways that we can provide you with a better service.

We record calls:

    • for staff training purposes, helping us to improve the quality of our customer service and to       ensure the information we provide is consistent and accurate

    • so we can find ways to simplify our service to you, and

    • to ensure we have an accurate record of your call, which may be needed to support any               transactions that take place over the phone and/or if there is a dispute.

We understand your personal information is important to you, and we are committed to protecting your privacy. We store the recordings securely for two years and destroy them after this period.

Statistical information and cookies

Statistical information

We may collect statistical information about your visit to help us improve this site. This information is aggregated and non-personally identifying. It includes:

    • your IP address

    • the search terms you used

    • the pages you accessed on our site and the links you clicked on

    • the date and time you visited the site

    • the referring site (if any) through which you clicked through to this site

    • the device you used to access the site

    • your operating system (for example, Windows XP, Mac OSX)

    • the type of web browser you use (for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), and

    • their incidental matters such as screen resolution, the release of your installed Flash version and the language setting of your browser.

The statistical information referred to above will be viewable by site administrators and certain other DigIntSol staff.


Browser or ‘web’ cookies are small text files that are sent by a website and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are generally used to improve your experience of a website (for example, by remembering preferences you have set) and to track site usage.

DigIntSol does not use cookies on this website to gather any personally identifiable information. We use cookies to gather data about trends in site usage using a tool called Google Analytics.

You can read Google’s privacy statement, and access a Google Analytics opt-out tool, at the Google Privacy Center.

You can manually disable cookies at any time - check your browser's 'Help' to find out how (disabling cookies will not affect your ability to use this website).


DigIntSol websites have security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control. In order to maintain the cyber security of DigIntSol systems and information, DigIntSol systems are subject to ongoing monitoring (including activity logging), analysis and auditing.

We may use information about your use of our websites and other IT systems to prevent unauthorised access or attacks on these systems or to resolve such events. We may use this information even if you are not involved in such activity. DigIntSol may utilise services from one or more third party suppliers to monitor or maintain the cyber security of its systems and information. These third party suppliers will have access to monitoring and logging information as well as information processed on DigIntSol websites and other IT systems.

Commercially sensitive information

Disclosure of information

DigIntSol will not otherwise disclose commercially sensitive information provided or collected unless you otherwise provide consent (for example, if a third party is performing functions on behalf of DigIntSol) or as required or otherwise permitted by law.

Terms and Conditions


Links to third party websites lie outside the scope of responsibility of DigIntSol. Access and use of such websites occurs entirely at the user’s own risk. DigIntSol expressly states that they have no influence whatsoever over the content of any linked site. Responsibility for information and services of linked sites rests entirely with the relevant third parties.  

No liability can be accepted in respect of the content of such websites.

Limitation of liability

Although every care has been taken by DigIntSol to ensure the accuracy of the information published, no warranty can be given in respect of the accuracy, reliability, up-to-dateness or completeness of this information. 

DigIntSol reserves the right to alter or remove the content, in full or in part, without prior notice. 

In no event will DigIntSol be liable for any loss or damage of a material or immaterial nature arising from access to, use or non-use of published information, or from misuse of the connection or technical faults.


Information on DigIntSols' websites are accessible to the public. 

Downloading or copying of texts, illustrations, photos or any other data does not entail any transfer of rights on the content. 

Copyright and any other rights relating to texts, illustrations, photos or any other data available on DigIntSols' websites are the exclusive property of DigIntSol or of any other expressly mentioned owners. Any reproduction requires the prior written consent of the copyright holder unless the work is labelled as released under a Creative Commons (CC) license.

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