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DigIntSol is a 100% NZ owned and operated IT solution provider
focused on Information Security 

We are your IT Department

Information Security
New or Existing Networks
Server and End Point Services
Maintenance and Support

Being a business owner in New Zealand

requires use of the latest technology and internet based services to stay competitive and provide an advantage in the fast paced market place.

As the business grows it is easy to miss the fact your attack surface grows and changes at an exponential rate, often faster than the technology you have invested in can keep up.

Businesses that do not have dedicated IT staff use services from providers that are only focused on the single engagement and do very little to help protect the businesses most important digital assets.

DigIntSol is here to help protect and maintain your digital backbone while you  focus on growing your business. 


Linux - Windows - Open Source
Desktop - Server - Application support

Please contact us for any special project requirements.


Security Audit

How do you defend something when you don't know what needs defending?  DigIntSol provides a written assessment of your current attack surface and provides remediation guidelines (Please note this is not a pentest). We can work with you to implement the recommendations or choose to become part of the DigIntSol family so we can work together to defend, optimise and automate your network on an ongoing basis.


Managed Services

DigIntSol provides ongoing threat assessment and technology advancement to protect our customers.
We can manage your firewalls and provide threat sense data to defend against the latest vulnerabilities while providing first class IT support for your business.



Camera and NVR selection, installation, configuration and maintenance. We have you covered with over 11 years experience working in commercial industrial security.



Installing a new office, CCTV or home network to replacing and extending existing infrastructure, firewall installation and management.We are here to help.


End Point Management

There are several factors to protecting a Server, Workstation, Laptop / Portable device, these include:

  • Having up-to-date and correct security controls in place.

  • Ensure that all software and firmware are on the latest released versions.

  • Running the latest OS version for the device with current security updates applied.

We can help choose the best process and platforms to help you achieve these goals.



Sometimes you simply need a question answered or a recommendation from someone with experience. We are happy to provide consultation on any IT related inquiries from our customers. We are your IT department.

Casual Rate

$ 150 per hour
ex GST
  • Includes travel in the Hutt / Wellington city area.

Managed Services Hourly Rate

$ 120 per hour
ex GST
  • Hours over and above the 4 monthly hours are billed at a lower standard rate.

Managed Services

$ 400 per month
ex GST
  • Become part of the DigIntSol family
  • 4 hours of dedicated IT work per month
  • Firewall Management and emerging threat protection services.

Emergency / After-hours call-out

$ 200 per hour
ex GST
  • Includes travel in the Hutt / Wellington city area. 

Our Clients

"As a small business owner up to the gills in everything, it has been absolutely brilliant to have Mark from Digital Integrity Solutions broad range of IT support skills safeguarding all our IT systems. 

Since he has 
taken on our CCTV, hardware and digital security oversight, I haven’t had to worry about firewalls,  malware, hardware and camera installs and upgrades.

Having someone  
knowing our systems intimately has had us back on our feet so fast whenever anything unexpected happens, allowing us access to more technological  business solutions and reliability."

Arlene Adams - Owner - Waglands

"Mark from Digital Integrity Solutions is most excellent to deal with. 
His ideas, products, knowledge and services are top quality and solve all my IT requirements and will continue to protect me and my company from the internet nastiness out there." 

Jonathan Adie - Managing Director - Custom Assembly

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